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Want to save yourself thousands of dollars by producing your own video content.  New to our company is a series of structured courses to help you on your way to making your own videos for the first time.  We help you know what kind of equipment you would need, what editing software that would best suit you and how to encode your video to match the platform it will be shown on.  We also teach you the do's and don'ts of filming your own video and how and where to best use your video to get you the maximum reach of your chosen audience.  We have 2 different options to choose from.  1 Download our course or 2. Hire us to come in and teach you for 2 hrs a day for a week or two.  

Option 1.  Download our online course.

Our course is broken down into 5 sections.  

1.  What can video do for you?

2.  Getting started - What you need

3.  Setup - How to use your equipment

4.  How to shoot an interview and broll

5.  How to edit your video

6.  How and where to post your video


To buy our online training course contact us through our contact us page.  

Option 2.  Hire us for a week or two or whenever you feel comfortable producing video content on your own.

Are you a business owner, a marketing expert or a photographer that doesn't know much about video?  We come in and work with you directly.  

We show you concepts that could be crippling your video content and exposure and we show you how to improve it, making sure your video is seen to as many of your audience as possible.  With our structured program you can see results in as little as a week.  

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