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We don't want to create JUST another ordinary video for you. We are going to help you find out what type of video you need to get the results you expect. We will help you look and sound good. We help advise you on how to best utilize your video using different marketing strategies. We are known to be more than just another Video Production Company. New Lake Media is more like a full video service consulting firm meshed with video production skill and talent. We consult and work until we "get it", we understand your ideas, your needs and your vision.  We use top of the line equipment but more important than having high end equipment is having experience and knowing how to use it to its full capacity. Want to start the process of having your own visually commanding online presence? Contact us today.
The purpose of this video type is to tell the story of your business, its history, what sets you apart, what you're most passionate about, why you do what you do and how your product or service is unique.  Its a great way to explain what it is about your company that keeps your customers coming back and what you're most proud of.  The essence of this video is created using an interview based style mixed with footage (b-roll) of your business in action, licensed music, txt and graphics to complete the story.  
Business Profile Gallery
This video simply demonstrates the benefits a client has received from using your product or service. It emphasizes the difference of using your product or service vs what they experienced before. It highlights the pain points of your customers and the solutions that you provide. Its an opportunity for your customers to share the growth and the benefits they have experienced. It reiterates why its important to use you as their go to business for your particular product or service. Testimonial videos are often the most powerful and overlooked sales conversion tools.
Client Testimonial Gallery
With an event highlight our role is to capture key moments as they unfold throughout the event and editing it into a highlight video to promote future events, share how amazing your event was and attract future sponsors, clients and attendees.  
Event Highlight Gallery
This problem solving video is a detailed audio visual explainer of how a product or service works to benefit your client or customer. It answers some key questions, What is it? What problem does it solve? How is this product used? or How does the service work? Is it available yet? Where can i find it?
Product/Service Demonstration Gallery
This video type helps to spread awareness of your brand to generate interest. Not necessarily a detailed demonstration or a profile video but more of a commercial style video showing the positive effect that your brand can have on potential customers.   
Brand Awareness Gallery
Not sure what category your video fits under....
Thats OK! It happens a lot.  Sometimes we have to customized each video to fit your exact video need.  You may need a combination of 2 or 3 different video types mentioned above or something completely different like a webinar training video, an instructional lecture, a real estate video, a wedding or music video.  We have links to those types of videos which you can see here. Contact us for a free consultation or click here to see more videos
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